Universal Class

Universal Class is a great resource that the Downers Grove Public Library provides for Downers Grove patrons.  Universal Class consists of “self-directed online classes on over 500 topics.”  Each class that you complete will give you a certificate of course completion and CEUs (Continuing Education Units).  It’s structured just like an online college course, giving you 6 months to complete the course with an instructor grading your assignments and exams.  This is an awesome resource if you want to continue learning but can’t go back to school, would like to further your learning in your current field, or just want to learn a new skill.  Who wouldn’t want to take a class on bartending and mixology?  With classes ranging from Photoshop and web design all the way to medical terminology, wedding planning, and writing, there are a ton of different classes to choose from. How to Create Web Pages was a course that I enjoyed taking because it was fun to be able to type the html and see what the final web page would look like.   

You can find Universal Class by clicking this link, or by searching the library website’s databases located under the “Research” tab.  When you get o the site you will be asked to type in your Downers Grove library card number (if you are accessing the site from outside of the library) and fill out a new member registration form. After you complete this step you can search the course catalog and sign up for a class.