Streaming Video and Rokus at the DGPL

Technology and broadband advances have had a profound impact on our society and culture, and how we consume media is no exception.  Many entertainment mediums have gone digital, leaving CDs, DVDs, and videocassettes as relics of a simpler time.  Streaming video, for example, has become a ubiquitous source of watching movies.

Streaming media is essentially a way to watch and listen to videos and music in “real time”.  Rather than downloading a file and opening it later, streaming refers to a near constant stream of data this accessible while it’s transmitting.  Simply, you can watch it as it’s downloading and buffering.

There are many different sites and apps to stream media.  YouTube is a prime source of streaming video, allowing users to watch millions of video, most of which are free.  Hulu offers both free and subscription-based services to access a variety of TV shows, clips, and movies.  Netflix and Amazon Instant Video are subscription-based or pay-to-rent/own, but are ad-free and offer many shows, movies, and exclusives.

Streaming services can typically be accessed from most browsers on Windows and Mac-based operating systems.  Additionally, many Smart TVs have built-in apps to the more popular services, such as Netflix and Hulu.  Digital media players – set-top boxes dedicated to displaying streaming media to a TV – are also available, with the Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV being popular examples.

The Downers Grove Public Library now offers the Roku available to rent!  We have 3 available to rent for 2-week checkouts, and they can be returned to the Ask Us Desk on the second floor.  They have over 100 movies to watch – please check out what movies are available.  If you have any questions, please contact the Ask Us Desk!

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