Cancer Detecting Goggles

Advancements in medical technology continue as the latest instrument used in surgery are goggles that are able to detect cancer cells. Still in the trial phase, Washington University doctors created a set of goggles that are able to detect cancer cells with the use of dye. By injecting a patient with dye, the goggles allow a doctor to be able to distinguish between cancer cells which through the goggles light up due to the dye, and healthy tissue. This technology has the ability to save many lives of patients because the goggles can show a doctor how far the cancer has progressed. Also, if during surgery surgeons are permitted to wear these goggles, they will be able see if there are cancer cells in the body while one is undergoing other procedures. The only downside to this technology is a patient has to undergo surgery to be able to see if there are cancer cells or not, which would be an evasive procedure. Also a doctor would not be able to look at the entire body for cancer cells due to the fact the doctor has to be looking at the organ itself that has been injected with the dye. As new instruments allow progress to be made in detecting diseases there are still several risks.