3-D Osteoid Medical Cast

For anyone who has broken a bone, you understand how uncomfortable and inconvenient wearing a cast may be. Now with 3D printing a Turkish designer named Deniz Karasahin has created the “Osteoid Medical Cast”. Unlike the plaster casts, the Osteoid Medical Cast has ventilation holes that help with the weight, itchiness, and smell. The holes are also for a low- intensity ultrasound machince to be connected to the cast to aid in healing. Unfortunatley, you no longer will be able to have your friends sign your cast with well wishes, but you get to wear a cast with a stylish design. The designer of this cast explains that this 3D printed cast also helps bones heal faster  due to the cast being able to be hooked up to a low-intensity ultrasound machine. This technology has been shown in many research journals to increase the healing process rate up to 38%. Utilizing the technology of ultrasound and 3D printing, the Osteoid cast could be a revelation in modern medicine. Even though this cast is in the concept stage, some doctors are already skeptical because they believe that the cost of the cast would be more expensive then the plaster cast. This is due to the fact that each 3D printed cast is customized for each patient with a 3D scan of the injured area. I believe that the cost would be worth it if it decreases someone’s recovery time. This cast is an example of how advances in technology can aid in medicine.