Building Renovation

New Features

  • icon More study spaces
  • iconUpgraded technology
  • iconImproved Wi-Fi
  • iconEnhanced display of and access to items
  • iconAttractive children’s area
  • icon“Café” space where food and drink are welcome

Project Status

Construction is underway! The automatic item return sorter is installed and ready for use. Self-checkout machines are also available in the lobby. The first floor bathrooms are no longer available - please use the newly renovated second floor bathrooms! We are doing our best to keep disruption to a minimum. If you cannot find something, please ask. Questions? Email or call (630) 960–1200.

Upcoming timeline events:

  • Mid June - Phase 1 complete and Phase 2 begins.

  • Fall - Project complete.

Floor Plans and Construction Phasing

Below are the floor plans for the renovation, color-coded with the phases of construction. Click on each picture to download a full-size, zoom enabled PDF of each floor.

1st Floor

Second Floor