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The Future Is Here: Pizza From a Vending Machine

You may have heard urban legends about the strange products some businesses stock vending machines with--cigarettes, jewelry, and socks, to name a few--perhaps you've even had brushes with Coca Cola's Freestyle soda fountains, capable of dispensing over a hundred flavors. But what about food? And no, I don't mean Hershey bars or Slim Jims. I'm talking about pizza.

Video Games as Art: Painting with Consequence

With each invention of a new medium comes the conception of a new art form. With writing came literature, with pigments came painting, and with film came photography and movies. However, even with the advent of computer technology, video games still have trouble being recognized as an art form. However, perhaps the issue is that it is difficult to recognize exactly what art is, and how video games use a unique medium that few other art forms can.

New Internet Hoax: Apple “Wave” IOS 8 feature will NOT charge your iPhone in a microwave!

Instead, you will end up with a worthless flaming pile of cooked circuitry.

Posted originally by the notorious internet pranksters 4-Chan, the 'IOS 8 exclusive' Wave ad was designed to look exactly like an update notification from Apple that was posted following the release of their new software one week ago.


Microsoft is planning to purchase Mojang, the independent developer of Minecraft for $2 billion. This seems a very unusual transaction considering the game's creator, Markus Persson (Notch), has been outspoken with his disdain for publisher's and AAA developers.

Protecting Your Privacy

One way to minimize your risk of exposure to cybercrime is eliminating accounts at sites you no longer use. Have you signed up with a website that you never use or a newspaper site you don’t read anymore? The personal information that you provided is probably still on those computers and vulnerable to the next hacker.


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