New Nonfiction


158.1 WAR This is where you belong : the art and science of loving the place you live / Melody Warnick.
158.1 ZAN Pathways to possibility : transforming our relationship with ourselves, each other, and the world / Rosamunde Stone Zander.
200.973 OZM Grace without God : the search for meaning, purpose, and belonging in a secular age / Katherine Ozment.
234.13 ECK Prophetic activation / John Eckhardt.
297.09 EDI Islam evolving : radicalism, reformation, and the uneasy relationship with the secular West / Taner Edis.
332.6 MCC Living off your money : the modern mechanics of investing during retirement with stocks and bonds / Michael H. McClung.
395.09 JEN A million years in a day : a curious history of everyday life from the Stone Age to the phone age / Greg Jenner.
591.5 FOS Being a beast : adventures across the species divide / Charles Foster.
616.12 MCT Heart disease : drug-free alternatives to prevent and reverse heart disease / editor, Lynne McTaggart.
616/85882 VOL Chasing the rabbit : a dad's life raising a son on the spectrum / Derek Volk
640 BOW The useful book : 201 life skills they used to teach in home ec and shop / Sharon and David Bowers ; illustrated by Sophia Nicolay.
641.23 HUC The United States of beer : a freewheeling history of the all-American drink / Dane Huckelbridge.
641.36 VEN The everyday meat guide : a neighborhood butcher's advice book / Ray Venezia with Chris Peterson ; photographs by Antonis Achilleos.
641.562 CAR Growing up gourmet : 125 all-natural recipes for babies & toddlers / Jennifer Carlson.
641.5784 DEN Around the fire : recipes for inspired grilling and seasonal feasting from Ox Restaurant / Greg Denton and Gabrielle Quinonez Denton ; with Stacy Adimando ; photography by Evan Sung.
641.5944 PEL My French family table : recipes for a life filled with food, love, and joie de vivre / Béatrice Peltre.
641.616 WEK Cured : handcrafted charcuteria & more / Charles Wekselbaum.
641.65 PRI EatingWell vegetables : the essential reference / editor-in-chief, Jessie Price.
641.8653 WYS Delicious dump cakes : 50 super simple desserts to make in 15 minutes or less / Roxanne Wyss and Kathy Moore ; photographs by Staci Valentine.
641.874 CAT Smuggler's Cove : exotic cocktails, rum, and the cult of tiki / Martin Cate with Rebecca Cate ; photography by Dylan + Jeni.
646.5 SCH Fascinators : 25 stylish accessories to top off your look / Hannah Scheidig.
649.1 SHA Self-reg : how to help your child (and you) break the stress cycle and successfully engage with life / Dr. Stuart Shanker, with Teresa Barker.
658.812 BAE Hug your haters : how to embrace complaints and keep your customers / Jay Baer.
700.92 PEN Pen to paper : artists' handwritten letters from the Smithsonian's Archives of American Art / edited by Mary Savig.
741.2 KRA Tangle journey : exploring the far reaches of tangle drawing, from simple strokes to color and mixed media / Beckah Krahula.
741.642 WAL Garth Williams : American illustrator / Elizabeth K. Wallace
745.5 PES Supercraft : easy projects for every weekend / Sophie Pester, Catharina Bruns.
745.582 POW Beading : learn it, love it / Jean Power.
745.5941 WED Wedding papercrafts : add handmade charm to your celebration.
746.432 BUD New directions in sock knitting : 18 innovative designs knitted from every which way / Ann Budd.
746.434 CLA Classic crochet blankets : 18 timeless patterns to keep you warm.
746.44 WAT Pen to thread : 750+ hand-drawn embroidery designs to inspire your stitches / Sarah Watson.
746.46 CAL Building blocks : back to quilt basics / Diane Califano.
746.92 DIR Dressing the decades : twentieth-century vintage style / Emmanuelle Dirix.
781.66 DOE Under the big black sun : a personal history of LA punk / John Doe with Tom DeSavia and friends.
781.66 HEP Never a dull moment : 1971-- the year that rock exploded / David Hepworth.
781.66092 JAC Before you judge me : the triumph and tragedy of Michael Jackson's last days / Tavis Smily and David Ritz.
781.66092 ZEV Warren Zevon : desperado of Los Angeles / George Plasketes.
782.66092 JAC 83 minutes : the doctor, the damage, and the shocking death of Michael Jackson / Matt Richards & Mark Langthorne.
791.437 REV Harry Potter : the artifact vault / written by Jody Revenson.
796.5223 DEN Valley walls : a memoir of climbing & living in Yosemite / Glen Denny.
796.6 WEI The ultimate bicycle owner's manual : the universal guide to bikes, riding, and everything for beginner and seasoned cyclists / Eben Weiss.
915.6 ONE All strangers are kin : adventures in Arabic and the Arab world / Zora O'Neill.
973.0496 JAC The strange career of William Ellis : the Texas slave who became a Mexican millionaire / Karl Jacoby.
BIOGRAPHY DANTE ALIGHIERI Dante : the story of his life / Marco Santagata ; translated by Richard Dixon.
BIOGRAPHY DORFMAN, A. It's not okay / Andi Dorfman.
BIOGRAPHY HERTNEKY, P. Rust Belt boy : stories of an American childhood / Paul Hertneky.
BIOGRAPHY JACKSON, J. Fall from grace : the truth and tragedy of "Shoeless Joe" Jackson / Tim Hornbaker.
BIOGRAPHY NOTARO, T. I'm just a person / Tig Notaro.
POETRY KAUR, R. Milk and honey / Rupi Kaur.