New Nonfiction


005.133 JAVASCRIPT Sams teach yourself JavaScript in 24 hours / Phil Ballard.
128 EIS The point is : making sense of birth, death, and everything in between / Lee Eisenberg.
130 STR The super natural : a new vision of the unexplained / Whitley Strieber
153.35 GRA Originals : how non-conformists move the world / Grant Adam ; foreword by Sheryl Sandberg.
158.1 DAG Easy breezy prosperity : the five foundations for a more joyful, abundant life / Emmanuel Dagher.
158.1 MAX 3 things successful people do : the road map that will change your life / John C. Maxwell.
242.34 ART Between midnight and dawn : a literary guide to prayer for Lent, Holy Week, and Eastertide / compiled by Sarah Arthur.
248.4 OSB Thriving in Babylon : why hope, humility and wisdom matter in a godless culture / Larry Osborne.
248.843 RIS I was blind (dating), but now I see : my misadventures in dating, waiting, and stumbling into love / Stephanie Rische.
305.8 EAT Integration nation : immigrants, refugees, and America at its best / Susan E Eaton and The One Nation Indivisible Writer's Group.
306.362 SUB The American slave coast : a history of the slave-breeding industry / Ned and Constance Sublette.
306.81 FIS Anatomy of love : a natural history of mating, marriage, and why we stray / Helen Fisher.
307.1276 GRA Dream cities : seven urban ideas that shape the world / Wade Graham.
320.5 OPP Exit right : the people who left the Left and reshaped the American century / Daniel Oppenheimer.
320.52 DIO Why the right went wrong : conservatism-- from Goldwater to the Tea Party and beyond / E.J. Dionne, Jr.
324.973 COW Let the people rule : Theodore Roosevelt and the birth of the presidential primary / Geoffrey Cowan.
332.024 QUI How to make your money last : the indispensable retirement guide / Jane Bryant Quinn.
332.11 ELE The only game in town : central banks, instability, and avoiding the next collapse / Mohamed A. El-Erian.
333.33 RAS Zillow talk : rewriting the rules of real estate / Spencer Rascoff and Stan Humphries.
363.96 FON One child : the story of China's most radical experiment / Mei Fong.
364.1523 SAN While the city slept : a love lost to violence and a young man's descent into madness / Eli Sanders.
394.12 HEI Fast food Maniac / Jon Hein
500 MUN Thing explainer : complicated stuff in simple words / Randall Munroe.
500 MUN Thing explainer : complicated stuff in simple words / Randall Munroe.
535 WAT Light : a radiant history, from creation to the quantum age / Bruce Watson.
551 WHI Into the heart of our world : a journey to the center of the earth : a remarkable voyage of scientific discovery / David Whitehouse.
613.2 LOW Fortify your life : your guide to vitamins, minerals, and more / Tieraona Low Dog, M.D..
613.2 REA Reader's Digest quintessential guide to healthy eating : the truth behind the foods we eat and what to choose for optimum health.
613.25 OPR The 4 x 4 diet : 4 Key Foods, 4-Minute Workouts, Four Weeks to the Body You Want/ Erin Oprea.
613.71 ROX Taller, slimmer, younger : 21 days to a foam roller physique / Lauren Roxburgh.
613.71 WES Core envy : a 3-step guide to a strong, sexy core / Allison Westfall.
616.8526 MCK Freedom from emotional eating / Paul McKenna ; edited by Hugh Willbourn, Ph.D.
616.994 ROS A cancer in the family : take control of your genetic inheritance / Theodora Ross.
617.48 DOT Into the magic shop : a neurosurgeon's quest to discover the mysteries of the brain and the secrets of the heart / James R. Doty, MD.
618.2 AMA The pregnancy encyclopedia : all your questions answered / consultant editor, Paula Amato, M.D. ; editor-in-chief, Dr. Chandrima Biswas, consultant obstetrician.
629.46 STE The right kind of crazy : a true story of teamwork, leadership, and high-stakes innovation / Adam Steltzner, with William Patrick.
635.965 DEA What's wrong with my houseplant? : save your indoor plants with 100% organic solutions / David Deardoff, Kathryn Wadsworth.
635.986 OND Container theme gardens : 42 combinations, each using 5 perfectly matched plants / Nancy J. Ondra ; photography by Rob Cardillo.
636.7089 PET Dr. Petty's pain relief for dogs : the complete medical and integrative guide to treating pain / Michael C. Petty, DVM.
641.22 FEI For the love of wine : my odyssey through the world's most ancient wine culture / Alice Feiring.
641.3 LE 100 million years of food : what our ancestors ate and why it matters today / Stephen Le.
641.555 MIL Prep-ahead meals from scratch : quick & easy batch cooking techniques and recipes that save you time and money / Alea Milham, founder of the food blog Premeditated Leftovers.
641.588 SIM Simple, easy, fast slow cooker / Taste of Home
641.589 SIZ The food processor family cookbook : 120 recipes for fast meals made from scratch / Nicki Sizemore.
641.815 BLA One dough, ten breads : making great bread by hand / Sarah Black ; photography by Lauren Volo.
649.1 REC Strengths based parenting : developing your children's innate talents / Mary Reckmeyer with Jennifer Robison.
650.1 WEB How to have a good day : harnessing the power of behavioral science to transform our working lives / Caroline Webb.
658.4092 CHA Everybody matters : the extraordinary power of caring for your people like family / Bob Chapman and Raj Sisodia.
720.9 CRU A history of architecture in 100 buildings / Dan Cruickshank.
730.92 NOG Listening to stone : the art and life of Isamu Noguchi / Hayden Herrera.
746.432 BLI The knitter's book of knowledge : a complete guide to essential knitting techniques / Debbie Bliss ; illustrations by Cathy Brear ; photography by Kim Lightbody.
746.432 FEL Short row knits : a master workshop with 20 learn-as-you-knit projects / Carol Feller.
746.432 HIL New lace knitting : designs for wide open spaces / Rosemary [Romi] Hill.
746.432 SEV 750 knitting stitches : the ultimate knit stitch bible.
746.44 A-Z A-Z of ribbon embroidery.
759.5 CAR The guardian of mercy : how an extraordinary painting by Caravaggio changed an ordinary life today / Terence Ward.
796 WER This is your brain on sports : the science of underdogs, the value of rivalry, and what we can learn from the T-shirt cannon / L. Jon Wertheim and Sam Sommers.
798.83 MOD Fast into the night : a woman, her dogs, and their journey north on the Iditarod Trail / Debbie Clarke Moderow.
809.84283 DEN Lit up : one reporter, three schools, twenty-four books that can change lives / David Denby.
895.108 BIG The big red book of modern Chinese literature : writings from the mainland in the long twentieth century / edited by Yunte Huang.
915.1 POR The Silk Road : taking the bus to Pakistan / Bill Porter.
916.2 WOO Walking the Nile / Levison Wood.
940.531 OEL Hitler's forgotten children : a true story of the Lebensborn program and one woman's search for her real identity / Ingrid von Oelhafen and Tim Tate ; with Dr. Dorothee Schmitz-Koster.
940.5405 DOU The right wrong man : John Demjanjuk and the last great Nazi war crimes trial / Lawrence Douglas.
940.54214 JON Eisenhower's guerrillas : the Jedburghs, the Maquis, and the liberation of France / Benjamin F. Jones.
941.06 LIN Samuel Pepys : plague, fire, revolution / edited by Margarette Lincoln.
944.033 SON The search for the Man in the Iron Mask : a historical detective story / Paul Sonnino.
954.91 ZAK The upstairs wife : an intimate history of Pakistan / Rafia Zakaria.
955.054 SEC Children of paradise : the struggle for the soul of Iran / Laura Secor.
973.099 CAR Dead presidents : an American adventure into the strange deaths and surprising afterlives of our nation's leaders / Brady Carlson.
973.917 BEL The firebrand and the First Lady : portrait of a friendship : Pauli Murray, Eleanor Roosevelt, and the struggle for social justice / Patricia Bell-Scott.
973.932 DYS The Black presidency : Barack Obama and the politics of race in America / Michael Eric Dyson.
975.3 GOR Washington's monument : and the fascinating history of the obelisk / John Steele Gordon.
BIOGRAPHY COUTTS, M. The iceberg / Marion Coutts.
BIOGRAPHY REHM, D. On my own / Diane Rehm.
BIOGRAPHY ROOSEVELT The golden lad : the haunting story of Quentin and Theodore Roosevelt / Eric Burns.
HUMOR GOODWIN, A. A guinea pig Pride & prejudice : a novel in three volumes / an adaptation of the original by Jane Austen ; abridgement, Alex Goodwin ; photography & book design, Belmondo; costumes, props, & illustration, Tess Gammell.
HUMOR HELBIG, G. Grace & style : the art of pretending you have it / Grace Helbig.
LARGE TYPE 179.9 KAP The gratitude diaries : how a year looking on the brightside can transform your life / by Janice Kaplan.
LARGE TYPE 305.8 COA Between the world and me / by Ta-Nehisi Coates.
LARGE TYPE 332.024 QUI How to make your money last : the indispensable retirement guide / by Jane Bryant Quinn.
LARGE TYPE 636.70886 BAR Buster : the military dog who saved a thousand lives / by RAF Police Flight Sergeant Will Barrow as told to Isabel George.
LARGE TYPE 641.3 VEL Finding yourself in the kitchen : kitchen meditations and inspired recipes from a mindful cook / by Dana Velden.
LARGE TYPE 641.5092 NIC Voracious : a hungry reader cooks her way through great books / by Cara Nicoletti ; illustrations by Marion Bolognesi.
LARGE TYPE 648.5 KON Spark joy : an illustrated master class on the art of organizing and tidying up / Marie Kondo ; translated from the Japanese by Cathy Hirano.
LARGE TYPE BIOGRAPHY REHM, D. On my own / Diane Rehm.
POETRY BUKOWSKI, C. On love / Charles Bukowski ; edited by Abel Debrito.
POETRY MACDONALD, H. Shaler's fish : poems / Helen MacDonald.
POETRY YOUNG, K. Blue laws : selected & uncollected poems, 1995-2015 / Kevin Young.
ESSAYS KASHUA, S Native : Dispatches from an Israeli-Palestinian Life