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Fiction BALDACCI, D. Baldacci, David, The escape 
Teen Fiction BIRDSALL, B. Birdsall, Bridget, Double exposure 
LARGE TYPE Fiction BLOOM, A. Bloom, Amy, Lucky us 
Fiction BONEY, B. Boney, Brad. The nothingness of Ben 
Fiction BORJLIND, C. Borjlind, Cecilia, Spring tide 
LARGE TYPE Fiction BOWEN, R. Bowen, Rhys. Queen of hearts 
Mystery BOYD, D. Boyd, Daniel, Easy death 
Teen Fiction BRAUNING, K. Brauning, Kate. How we fall 
Teen Fiction BROWN, R.M. Brown, Rachel Manija. Stranger 
LARGE TYPE Fiction BUNN, T.D. Bunn, T. Davis, The sign painter 
Fiction CABOT, A. Cabot, Amanda, At Bluebonnet Lake 
LARGE TYPE Fiction CASTILLO, L. Castillo, Linda. The dead will tell 
LARGE TYPE Mystery CHRISTIE, A. Christie, Agatha, The mysterious Mr. Quin 
LARGE TYPE Mystery CHRISTIE, A. Christie, Agatha, The murder of Roger Ackroyd 
LARGE TYPE Mystery CHRISTIE, A. Christie, Agatha, The clocks 
LARGE TYPE Mystery CHRISTIE, A. Christie, Agatha, Why didn't they ask Evans? 
LARGE TYPE Mystery CHRISTIE, A. Christie, Agatha, Third girl 
Teen Fiction CLARE, C. Clare, Cassandra, The Bane chronicles 
Fiction CLARKE, B. Clarke, Brock, The happiest people in the world 
LARGE TYPE Fiction CONNELLY, M. Connelly, Michael, The burning room 
Mystery CORNWELL, P.D. Cornwell, Patricia Daniels Flesh and blood
Fiction CURRAN-HACKETT, M. Curran-Hackett, Mary, Proof of angels 
Teen Fiction DALTON, M. Dalton, Michelle, Pulled under 
Graphic Novel MARVEL DeConnick, Kelly Sue, Captain Marvel.
Fiction DOBBS, M. Dobbs, Michael, House of cards 
LARGE TYPE Fiction DODD, C. Dodd, Christina. Virtue Falls 
Fiction DONALD, A. Donald, Angus, Grail knight 
Fiction DUENAS, M. Duenas, Maria The heart has its reasons 
Graphic Novel DEADPOOL Duggan, Gerry, Deadpool 
Graphic Novel PUNISHER Edmondson, Nathan, Black and white 
Fiction ERPENBECK, J. Erpenbeck, Jenny, The end of days 
Mystery ESTLEMAN, L.D. Estleman, Loren D. The adventure of the plated spoon and other tales of Sherlock Holmes
Mystery EVANOVICH, J. Evanovich, Janet The job
Mystery FANNING, D. Fanning, Diane, Scandal in the secret city 
Teen Fiction FOLEY, J.A. Foley, Jessie Ann, Carnival at Bray 
Teen Fiction FORSTER, M. Forster, Miriam,  Empire of shadows 
Graphic Novel HAWKEYE Fraction, Matt, Hawkeye.
LARGE TYPE Fiction GABHART, A.H. Gabhart, Ann H., Love comes home 
Graphic Novel JLA Gates, Sterling, Forever Evil 
Mystery GIAMBANCO, V.M. Giambanco, V. M., The gift of darkness 
Graphic Novel JLA Giffen, Keith, Justice League 3000.
Graphic Novel WOOL Gray, Justin. Hugh Howey's Wool 
Mystery HALL, P. Hall, Parnell, Safari 
Fiction HALLINAN, T. Hallinan, Timothy, For the dead 
Mystery HAMILTON, V. Hamilton, Victoria, No mallets intended 
LARGE TYPE Fiction HANNON, I. Hannon, Irene. Deceived 
Fiction HATCHER, R.L. Hatcher, Robin Lee. Love without end 
Graphic Novel AVENGERS Hickman, Jonathan, New Avengers 4 
Graphic Novel AVENGERS Hickman, Jonathan. Avengers 6.
Teen Fiction HOSIE, D. Hosie, Donna. The Devil's intern 
Mystery ISON, G. Ison, Graham, Hardcastle's quartet 
LARGE TYPE Fiction JACKSON, L. Jackson, Lisa. Close to home 
Fiction JOHNSTONE, W.W. Johnstone, William W., A frontier Christmas 
Fiction JONES, S. Jones, Sherry, The sharp hook of love 
Fiction KING, S. King, Stephen, Revival 
Graphic Novel KIRKMAN Kirkman, Robert The walking dead
Graphic Novel AVENGERS Kot, Ales, Let's have a problem 
Graphic Novel WOLVERINE Latour, Jason, Wolverine and the X-Men.
Fiction LAUREN, C. Lauren, Christina. Dirty rowdy thing 
Teen Fiction LIMBAUGH, R.H. Limbaugh, Rush H., Rush Revere and the American Revolution 
SF/F LIU, C. Liu, Cixin. The three-body problem 
Fiction MacDONALD, P.J. MacDonald, Patricia J. I see you 
Teen Fiction MacHALE, D.J. MacHale, D. J. Strike 
Mystery MARKS, M. Marks, Mary. Knot in my backyard 
Fiction McKINLEY, J. McKinlay, Jenn, On borrowed time 
Teen Fiction McKINLEY, M. McKinley, Mary, Beau, Lee, the Bomb, & me 
Fiction MILLET, L. Millet, Lydia, Mermaids in paradise 
Graphic Novel BATMAN Morrison, Grant, Batman.
LARGE TYPE Fiction MOYES, J. Moyes, Jojo, Me before you 
Mystery OAK, B.B. Oak, B. B. Thoreau on wolf hill 
Teen Fiction PLUM, A. Plum, Amy. Until I die 
SF/F PRATCHETT, T. Pratchett, Terry. Raising steam 
Mystery PRICE, C. Price, Carole Sour grapes 
Fiction PRITCHETT, L. Pritchett, Laura, Stars go blue 
LARGE TYPE Fiction PUTNEY, M.J. Putney, Mary Jo. Not quite a wife 
LARGE TYPE Fiction RANEY, D. Raney, Deborah. Silver bells 
Fiction REDMERSKI, J.A. Redmerski, J. A. The edge of always 
LARGE TYPE Fiction ROBARDS, K. Robards, Karen. Her last whisper 
Mystery ROBINSON, T. Robinson, Thatcher, Black karma 
Fiction SELF, W. Self, Will, Shark 
Fiction SETZ, C.J. Setz, Clemens J., Indigo 
Mystery SHEREZ, S. Sherez, Stav. Eleven days.
Teen Fiction SISE, K. Sise, Katie. The boyfriend app 
Graphic Novel SPIDER-MAN Slott, Dan. The amazing Spider-Man.
LARGE TYPE Fiction SMILEY, J. Smiley, Jane. Some luck 
LARGE TYPE Fiction SMITH, H. Smith, Haywood, Queen bee goes home again 
Manga SNARK Snark, Gun. Attack on Titan.
Graphic Novel BATMAN Snyder, Scott, Batman.
Graphic Novel DC Snyder, Scott, DC Comics 
Fiction TRENT, C. Trent, Christine, A virtuous death 
Graphic Novel TYNION Tynion, James, The woods.
Mystery VIETS, E. Viets, Elaine, A dog gone murder 
Graphic Novel DAREDEVIL Waid, Mark, Daredevil.
Graphic Novel HULK Waid, Mark, Hulk vs. Iron Man 
Graphic Novel HULK Waid, Mark, Banner D.O.A. 
Teen Fiction WALRATH, D. Walrath, Dana. Like water on stone 
Teen Fiction WALTMAN, K. Waltman, Kevin. Slump 
Mystery WASHBURN, L.J. Washburn, L. J. Trick or deadly treat 
Graphic Novel Ms. MARVEL Wilson, G. Willow, Ms. Marvel.
Graphic Novel WOOD Wood, Brian, The New York Four 
Graphic Novel X-MEN Wood, Brian, X-Men.
Fiction SHORT STORIES IN   In the company of Sherlock Holmes