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Mystery AARONS, K. Aarons, Kathy, Death is like a box of chocolates 
Teen Fiction BASSETT, K. Bassett, Kate, Words and their meanings 
Mystery BEATON, M.C. Beaton, M. C. The blood of an Englishman 
Fiction BENNETT, R.J. Bennett, Robert Jackson, City of stairs 
Fiction BEUKES, L. Beukes, Lauren, Broken monsters 
Teen Fiction BLACKER, T. Blacker, Terence, The Twyning 
Fiction BOGGS, J.D. Boggs, Johnny D. The killing trail 
Fiction BRANDVOLD, P. Brandvold, Peter. Lonnie Gentry 
Fiction BROCKWAY, C. Brockway, Connie, The songbird's seduction 
Fiction BROUWER, S. Brouwer, Sigmund, Thief of glory 
Graphic Novel DEADPOOL Bunn, Cullen. Deadpool vs Carnage 
Fiction CARLSON, M. Carlson, Melody. The Christmas cat 
Mystery CASTLE, R. Castle, Richard, Raging Heat 
Graphic Novel CHO Cho, Michael Shoplifter 
Fiction CONNEALY, M. Connealy, Mary. Tried & true 
Teen Fiction DAWSON, D.S. Dawson, Delilah S. Servants of the storm 
Mystery DILLON, E.R. Dillon, E. R. Ayrshire murders 
Fiction DODD, C. Dodd, Christina. Virtue Falls 
Mystery ELLROY, J. Ellroy, James Perfidia
Graphic Novel FAWKES Fawkes, Ray, Blight 
Fiction FISHER, S.W. Fisher, Suzanne Woods Christmas at Rose Hill Farm
Fiction FOLLETT, K. Follett, Ken. Edge of eternity 
Fiction GIBSON, R. Gibson, Rachel, What I love about you 
Teen Fiction GILLIES, I. Gillies, Isabel, Starry night 
Mystery GOLDBERG, T. Goldberg, Tod. Gangsterland 
SF/F GOULD, S. Gould, Steven. Exo 
Mystery HADDAM, J. Haddam, Jane, Fighting chance 
Teen Fiction HALL, S. Hall, Sandy A little something different 
Teen Fiction HARRINGTON, K. Harrington, Kim, Forget me 
Mystery HARRIS, G. Harris, Gregory. The Bellingham bloodbath 
Fiction HARRISON, K. Harrison, Kim, The witch with no name 
Fiction HARROD-EAGLES, C. Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia, Goodbye, Piccadilly 
Fiction HEPNER, B. Hepner, Braden. Pale harvest.
Fiction HIGLEY, T.L. Higley, T. L. Palace of darkness 
Teen Fiction HILL, C. Hill, Chelsie, Push girl 
SF/F HOLMBERG, C.N. Holmberg, Charlie N. The paper magician 
Fiction HOOVER, C. Hoover, Colleen. Ugly love 
Fiction HUNT, L. Hunt, Laird, Neverhome 
Graphic Novel BATMAN Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew, Batman, the Dark Knight.
Graphic Novel GREEN Johns, Geoff, Green Lantern.
Fiction KELLERMAN, J. Kellerman, Jonathan. The Golem of Hollywood 
Fiction KERNICK, S. Kernick, Simon, Ultimatum 
Teen Fiction KIEM, E. Kiem, Elizabeth, Hider, seeker, secret keeper 
Mystery KNOX, A. Knox, Annie, Groomed for murder 
Graphic Novel BATMAN Kubert, Andy. Damian 
Teen Fiction KUDERICK, M. Kuderick, Madeleine, Kiss of broken glass 
Fiction LALAMI, L. Lalami, Laila, The Moor's account 
Fiction LANCET, B. Lancet, Barry. Tokyo kill 
Fiction LANDIS, D. Landis, Dylan, Rainey Royal 
Fiction LANDVIK, L. Landvik, Lorna, Best to laugh 
Fiction LASHNER, W. Lashner, William. Bagmen 
Graphic Novel TITANS Lobdell, Scott, Teen Titans.
Mystery LYLE, D. Lyle, Dixie, To die fur 
Fiction MAGEE, A. Magee, Audrey, The undertaking 
Teen Fiction MAGUIRE, G. Maguire, Gregory, Egg & spoon 
Fiction MANCHETTE, J.P. Manchette, Jean-Patrick, The mad and the bad 
SF/F MANN, P. Mann, Phillip, The disestablishment of paradise 
Fiction MARTIN, C. Martin, Charles, A life intercepted 
Fiction McBRIDE, E. McBride, Eimear. A girl is a half-formed thing 
Fiction MEYERS, R.S. Meyers, Randy Susan. Accidents of marriage 
Fiction MEZRICH, B. Mezrich, Ben, Seven wonders 
Fiction MILLER, L. Millar, Louise, The hidden girl 
SF/F MILLER, K. Miller, Karen, The falcon throne 
Fiction MORAN, B. Moran, Beth, Making Marion 
Fiction MOYES, J. Moyes, Jojo, Silver Bay 
Teen Fiction NELSON, J. Nelson, Jandy, I'll give you the sun 
Fiction O'NEILL, J. O'Neill, Joseph, The dog 
Teen Fiction PATTOU, E. Pattou, Edith. Ghosting 
Mystery PERRY, A. Perry, Anne. Blood on the water 
Fiction PRYOR, M. Pryor, Mark, The Button man 
Fiction PUSHKIN, A.S. Pushkin, Aleksandr Sergeevich, The captain's daughter 
Fiction REID, T.J. Reid, Taylor Jenkins. Forever, interrupted 
Graphic Novel WINTER Remender, Rick, The bitter march 
Fiction RICHMAN, A. Richman, Alyson The garden of letters
Fiction ROW, J. Row, Jess. Your face in mine 
Mystery RUBIN, M.H. Rubin, Michael H., The Cottoncrest curse 
Teen Fiction SAMMS, O. Samms, Olivia, Snitch 
Fiction SANGHANI, R. Sanghani, Radhika. Virgin 
Fiction SCHOTTENFELD, S. Schottenfeld, Stephen. Bluff City pawn 
Teen Fiction SCHROEDER, L. Schroeder, Lisa. The bridge from me to you 
Fiction SCOTT, J. Scott, Joanna, De Potter's grand tour 
Teen Fiction SELZER, A. Selzer, Adam. Play me backwards 
Teen Fiction SKOVRON, J. Skovron, Jon. Man made Boy 
Fiction SLOAN, M. Sloan, Maya. Rich kids of Instagram 
Mystery SMITH, D. Smith, Derek, The Derek Smith omnibus 
Fiction SOJOURNER, M. Sojourner, Mary. 29
Graphic Novel X-FORCE Spurrier, Simon Dirty tricks
Graphic Novel SCHULTZ Sullivan, Ted Revenge 
Fiction SUSSMAN, E. Sussman, Ellen, A wedding in Provence 
Fiction TAYLOR, P. Taylor, Patrick, Now and in the hour of our death 
Fiction TIMMER, J.L. Timmer, Julie Lawson. Five days left 
Fiction TSIOLKAS, C. Tsiolkas, Christos, Barracuda 
Teen Fiction TUCHOLKE, A.G. Tucholke, April Genevieve. Between the spark and the burn 
Teen Fiction VERDAY, J. Verday, Jessica. Of monsters and madness 
Fiction WATERS, S. Waters, Sarah, The paying guests 
Fiction WEATHERWAX, A. Weatherwax, Annie, All we had 
Teen Fiction WHITE, K. White, Kiersten, Illusions of fate 
Fiction WIGGS, S. Wiggs, Susan. The maiden of Ireland 
Teen Fiction WILSON, R. Wilson, Rachel, Don't touch 
Fiction WISEMAN, E.M. Wiseman, Ellen Marie, What she left behind 
Teen Fiction WOOD, F. Wood, Fiona Wildlife 
Fiction WOODSMALL, C. Woodsmall, Cindy. A love undone 
Teen Fiction YANCEY, R. Yancey, Richard, The infinite sea 
Fiction YOUNG, T.W. Young, Thomas W., Sand and fire 
Fiction SHORT STORIES PRIZE   O. Henry prize stories.
Teen Fiction SHORT STORIES ONE   One death, nine stories 
Teen Fiction SHORT STORIES MONSTROUS Monstrous affections