New Fiction

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Graphic Novel THOR Aaron, Jason Thor: Who Holds the Hammer?
SF/F ABERCROMBIE, J. Abercrombie, Joe Half a War
LARGE TYPE Fiction ALCOTT, K. Alcott, Kate The Darling Ladies of Lowell
Fiction ARMSTRONG, C. Armstrong, Cathleen Welcome to Last Chance
Fiction ATKINS, A. Atkins, Ace The Redeemers
LARGE TYPE Fiction ATKINSON, K. Atkinson, Kate A God in Ruins
Fiction BAER, N. Baer, Neal Kill Again
Fiction BALL, J. Ball, Jesse A Cure for Suicide
Fiction BOLLEN, C. Bollen, Christopher Orient
Mystery BOX, C.J. Box, C.J. Badlands
Fiction BRADFORD, A. Bradford, Arthur Turtleface and Beyond
LARGE TYPE Fiction BUSHNELL, C. Bushnell, Candace Killing Monica
Fiction CHAMBERLIN, H. Chamberlin, Holly Summer With My Sisters
LARGE TYPE Fiction COLGAN, J. Colgan, Jenny Sweetshop of Dreams
Fiction CRANDALL, S. Crandall, Susan The Flying Circus
LARGE TYPE Fiction DAVIS, K. Davis, Krista The Ghost and Mrs. Mewer
LARGE TYPE Fiction DAVIS, K. Davis, Krista Murder, She Barked
LARGE TYPE Fiction DAVIS, S.P. Davis, Susan Page The Outlaw Takes a Bride
Fiction DE CASTELL, S. De Castell, Sebastien Knight's Shadow
Fiction ESTES, K. Estes, Kelli The Girl Who Wrote in Silk
SF/F FAN, M. Fan, Mary Artificial Absolutes
LARGE TYPE Fiction GANT, L. Gant, Lee Love in Every Stitch
Mystery GARRETT, A.D. Garrett, A.D. Believe No One
LARGE TYPE Fiction GAYNOR, H. Gaynor, Hazel A Memory of Violets
Fiction GOODMAN, L. Goodman, Lee Indefensible
Fiction Graham, H. Graham, Heather The Forgotten
LARGE TYPE Fiction GREEN, J. Green, Jocelyn Wedded to War
LARGE TYPE Fiction GRIFFIN, L. Griffin, Laura Far Gone
Fiction HARPER, J. Harper, Jordan Love and Other Wounds
Fiction HIEBERT, M. Hiebert, Michael A Thorn Among the Lilies
Fiction HOPE, J. Hope, Jessamyn Safekeeping
LARGE TYPE Fiction HUNTER, S. Hunter, Stephen Sniper's Honor
SF/F JACKSON, D.B. Jackson, D.B. Dead Man's Reach
LARGE TYPE Fiction KLABER, W. Klaber, William The Rebellion of Miss Lucy Ann Lobdell
Fiction KLASSEN, J. Klassen, Julie Lady Maybe
Fiction KOSMATKA, T. Kosmatka, Ted The Flicker Men
Fiction KUBICA, M. Kubica, Mary Pretty Baby
LARGE TYPE Fiction LEE, P. Lee, Patrick Runner
Graphic Novel LEMIRE Lemire, Jeff The Valiant
Fiction LIFTIN, H. Liftin, Hilary Movie Star
Fiction MASON, S.A. Mason, Susan Anne Irish Meadows
Fiction MCLAIN, P. McLain, Paula Circling the Sun
Teen Fiction PAINCHAUD, M. Painchaud, Michelle Pretending to be Erica
Mystery PARETSKY, S. Paretsky, Sara Brush Back
LARGE TYPE Fiction PRESTON, D.J. Preston, Douglas  The Kraken Project
Mystery ROSENFELT, D. Rosenfelt, David Who Let the Dog Out?
LARGE TYPE Fiction SMITH, W.A. Smith, Wilbur Vicious Circle
LARGE TYPE Fiction SPINDLER, E. Splinder, Erica The First Wife
Fiction STRADAL, J.R. Stradal, J. Ryan Kitchens of the Great Midwest
Fiction TASEER, A. Taseer, Aatish The Way Things Were
Fiction VASQUEZ, J.G. Vasquez, Juan Gabriel Lovers on All Saints' Day
LARGE TYPE Fiction WHITE, R.W. White, Randy Wayne Bone Deep
LARGE TYPE Fiction WHITE, R.W. White, Randy Wayne Haunted
LARGE TYPE Fiction WHITE, R.W. White, Randy Wayne Cuba Straits
Graphic Novel WILLIAMSON Williamson, Joshua Birthright 1: Homecoming
Fiction WILLIG, L. Willig, Lauren The Other Daughter
Fiction WISEMAN, B. Wiseman, Beth Her Brother's Keeper
Fiction YANIQUE, T. Yanique, Tiphanie Land of Love and Drowning
Fiction YOUSUFI, M.A. Yousufi, Mushtaq Ahmed Mirages of the Mind