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Graphic Novel GUARDIANS Abnett, Dan, Guardians of the Galaxy.
Teen Fiction AKINS, K. Akins, Karen. Loop 
Fiction ASHBLESS, J. Ashbless, Janine. Cover him with darkness 
Fiction AUSTIN, L.N. Austin, Lynn N. Keepers of the covenant 
LARGE TYPE Mystery BEATON, M.C. Beaton, M. C., The blood of an Englishman 
Fiction BENSON, R. Benson, Raymond, Endings & beginnings 
Mystery BLACK, L. Black, Lisa, Close to the bone 
Fiction BUFFA, D.W. Buffa, Dudley W., The swindlers 
Graphic Novel X-MEN Bunn, Cullen, Infamous 
SF/F CARROLL, J. Carroll, Jonathan, Bathing the Lion 
Fiction CLEAVE, P. Cleave, Paul, Five minutes alone 
Fiction CONNELLY, M. Connelly, Michael, The burning room 
Fiction CONNORS, L. Connors, Lucy. The lonesome young 
Fiction CROWNOVER, J. Crownover, Jay. Rowdy 
Fiction CUSSLER, C. Cussler, Clive, Havana storm 
Fiction DEKKER, T. Dekker, Ted, A.D. 30 
Graphic Novel DOCTOROW Doctorow, Cory, In real life 
Teen Fiction GALLARDO, A. Gallardo, Adam, Zomburbia 
SF/F GIBSON, W. Gibson, William, The peripheral 
Teen Fiction GLEASON, C. Gleason, Colleen, The spiritglass charade 
Fiction GORMAN, M. Gorman, Michele, The curvy girls club 
Fiction GOULD, L. Gould, Leslie, Becoming Bea 
Fiction GRAY, S.S. Gray, Shelley Shepard, Snowfall 
Fiction JONES, D. Jones, Darynda, Seventh grave and no body 
Teen Fiction KAGAWA, J. Kagawa, Julie, Talon 
Teen Fiction KATE, L. Kate, Lauren, Waterfall 
Graphic Novel LEMIRE Lemire, Jeff. Trillium 
Teen Fiction MAGOON, K. Magoon, Kekla, How it went down 
Fiction MAHON, A. Mahon, Annette, Bright Hopes 
Teen Fiction MAXWELL, L. Maxwell, Lisa, Sweet unrest 
Mystery McCALL SMITH, A. McCall Smith, Alexander, The Handsome Man's De Luxe Cafe 
Teen Fiction MONAHAN, H. Monahan, Hillary. Mary 
Fiction MOYES, J. Moyes, Jojo, The ship of brides 
Fiction NICHOLLS, D. Nicholls, David, Us 
Fiction PALAHNIUK, C. Palahniuk, Chuck. Beautiful you 
Teen Fiction PARKER, A.C. Parker, Amy Christine, Astray 
Teen Fiction PARKER, N.C. Parker, Natalie C. Beware the wild 
Fiction ROBERTS, N. Roberts, Nora. Blood magick 
Fiction ROBY, K.L. Roby, Kimberla Lawson. A Christmas prayer 
Fiction ROTHFUSS, P. Rothfuss, Patrick, The slow regard of silent things 
Fiction SAWYER, K.V. Sawyer, Kim Vogel, When mercy rains 
SF/F SCALZI, J. Scalzi, John, Unlocked 
Mystery SHEPHERD, L. Shepherd, Lynn, The pierced heart 
Fiction SICIARZ, S. Siciarz, Stephanie, Away with the fishes 
Fiction SMITH, W.A. Smith, Wilbur A. Desert god 
Fiction SNELLING, L. Snelling, Lauraine, To everything a season 
LARGE TYPE Fiction SPENCER-FLEMING, J. Spencer-Fleming, Julia. To darkness and to death 
Fiction STEEL, D. Steel, Danielle. Pegasus 
Mystery TAYLOR, A. Taylor, Andrew, The scent of death 
Teen Fiction THOMAS, S. Thomas, Sherry The perilous sea 
Fiction XINRAN Xinran, Sky burial 
Fiction SHORT STORIES HORROR   Horror stories