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Mystery ARLEN, T. Arlen, Tessa. Death of a dishonorable gentleman 
Teen Fiction ARNETT, M. Arnett, Mindee, Polaris 
Mystery BARD, R. Bard, Richard, Everlast 
Fiction BARNETT, L.K. Barnett, LaShonda K. Jam on the vine 
SF/F BAUERS, W.C. Bauers, W. C., Unbreakable 
Fiction BEAUMAN, N. Beauman, Ned. Glow 
Fiction BLACKWOOD, S. Blackwood, Scott. See how small 
Fiction BROGAN, T. Brogan, Tracy, Love me sweet 
Mystery CARLISLE, K. Carlisle, Kate, This old homicide 
Fiction CHRISTIE, M. Christie, Michael, If I fall, if I die 
Mystery COOK, J.J. Cook, J. J. In hot water 
Graphic Novel LOVECRAFT Culbard, Ian. The case of Charles Dexter Ward 
Fiction CUSK, R. Cusk, Rachel, Outline 
SF/F CUTTER, N. Cutter, Nick. The deep 
Fiction DAVIS, B. Davis, Brooke. Lost & found 
Fiction DE MARIAFFI, E. De Mariaffi, Elisabeth, The devil you know 
Teen Fiction ECHOLS, J. Echols, Jennifer, Perfect couple 
Fiction ELLISON, J. Ellison, Jan. A small indiscretion 
Fiction FILER, N. Filer, Nathan. The shock of the fall 
Teen Fiction FORMAN, G. Forman, Gayle. I was here 
Fiction GAPPER, J. Gapper, John Ghost Shift
Fiction GERARD, S. Gerard, Sarah, Binary star 
Fiction GREENBERG, M. Greenberg, Mike, My father's wives 
Fiction GREENBERG, B. Greenburg, Bradley. When lilacs last in the dooryard bloomed 
Fiction GRIPPANDO, J. Grippando, James, Cane and Abe 
Fiction HAGBERG, D. Hagberg, David, Retribution 
Mystery HARDY, S. Hardy, Susannah, Feta attraction 
Fiction HARPER, K. Harper, Karen Broken bonds 
Fiction HARRISON, J. Harrison, Jim, The big seven 
Fiction HERMANN, N. Hermann, Nellie, The season of migration 
Fiction HIMMER, S. Himmer, Steve, Fram 
Fiction HOGAN, P. Hogan, Phil, A pleasure and a calling 
Fiction HOOPER, E. Hooper, Emma, Etta and Otto and Russell and James 
Fiction HULSE, S.M. Hulse, S. M. Black River 
Teen Fiction ISBELL, T. Isbell, Tom, The prey 
Fiction ITANI, F. Itani, Frances, Tell 
Mystery KAABERBOL, L. Kaaberbol, Lene, The boy in the suitcase 
Fiction KAPOOR, D. Kapoor, Deepti. A bad character 
Fiction KARDOS, M. Kardos, Michael, Before he finds her 
Fiction KAVA, A. Kava, Alex. Breaking creed 
Fiction KAYE, R. Kaye, Robin, A little on the wild side 
Fiction KHAN, A.Z. Khan, Ausma Zehanat, The unquiet dead 
Teen Fiction LAKE, N. Lake, Nick, There will be lies 
Mystery LEE, E. Lee, Elizabeth, Snoop to nuts 
Fiction LEON, P. Leon, Peggy, Grace and Baby 
Fiction LEWIS, S. Lewis, Susan, Behind closed doors 
Fiction LOEHFELM, B. Loehfelm, Bill. Doing the devil's work 
Teen Fiction LYNCH, C. Lynch, Chris, Killing time in Crystal City 
Mystery MacDONALD, C. Macdonald, Catherine, Put on the armour of light 
Mystery McEVOY, J. McEvoy, John, High stakes 
Teen Fiction McGANN, O. McGann, Oisin, Rat runners 
Fiction MIRABELLA, A. Mirabella, Angelina. The sweetheart 
Fiction MONING, K.M. Moning, Karen Marie. Burned 
Mystery MULLER, M. Muller, Marcia. The body snatchers affair 
Fiction NOXON, C. Noxon, Christopher, Plus One 
Fiction OATS, J.C. Oates, Joyce Carol, The sacrifice
Fiction OLDER, D.J. Older, Daniel Jose, Half-resurrection blues 
Teen Fiction OLSON, N. Olson, Norah, Twisted fate 
Fiction O'MALLEY, T. O'Malley, Thomas, Serpents in the Cold 
Fiction PATTERSON, J. Patterson, James Private Vegas
Teen Fiction PETERSON, A. Peterson, Andrew, The warden and the wolf king 
SF/F PRATCHETT, T. Pratchett, Terry. The globe 
Fiction REPINO, R. Repino, Robert, Mort(e) 
SF/F RESNICK, M.D. Resnick, Michael D. The fortress in Orion
Fiction RIDER, Z. Rider, Z., Suckers 
Fiction ROSENBERG, J.C. Rosenberg, Joel C. The third target
Mystery RYAN, P.T. Ryan, Patricia Twomey, Rising tide 
Teen Fiction SANTOPOLO, J. Santopolo, Jill, Love on the lifts 
Fiction SCHERM, R. Scherm, Rebecca. Unbecoming 
Teen Fiction SEDGWICK, M. Sedgwick, Marcus, The ghosts of heaven 
Fiction SPECHT, M.H. Specht, Mary Helen. Migratory animals 
SF/F STAVELEY, B. Staveley, Brian, Providence of fire 
Mystery THOMAS, R. Thomas, Rob. Veronica Mars.
Mystery THOMAS, S. Thomas, Samuel S. The witch hunter's tale 
Fiction WALTON, J. Walton, Jo, The just city 
Fiction WARD, A.E. Ward, Amanda Eyre, The same sky 
Fiction WEBB, H. Webb, Heather, Rodin's lover 
Mystery WEBER, T. Weber, Tracy, A killer retreat 
Fiction WHITEHOUSE, D. Whitehouse, David, Mobile library 
Fiction WILLIAMS, T.R. Williams, T. R. Journey through the mirror 
Fiction WINNETTE, C. Winnette, Colin, Coyote 
Fiction YAN, M. Yan, Mo Frog