New Fiction


FICTION BACKMAN, F. Britt-Marie was here / Fredrik Backman
FICTION BENDIS, B.M. Powers : the secret history of Deena Pilgrim / Brian Michael Bendis and Neil Kleid.
FICTION BRADLEY, P. Silence in the dark / Patricia Bradley.
FICTION BROWN, H. Tumbledown Manor / Helen Brown.
FICTION BUCHMAN, M.L. Flash of fire / M. L. Buchman.
FICTION CAMPBELL, S.D. Mattie's call / Stacy Campbell.
FICTION CARLAN, A. Body / Audrey Carlan.
FICTION CARLAN, A. Mind / Audrey Carlan.
FICTION CARLAN, A. Soul / Audrey Carlan.
FICTION CLARK, M. Blood defense / Marcia Clark.
FICTION CLEAVE, C. Everyone brave is forgiven / Chris Cleave.
FICTION ENGEL, P. The veins of the ocean / Patricia Engel.
FICTION FEEHAN, C. Fire bound / Christine Feehan.
FICTION FENTON, L. The year we turned forty / Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke.
FICTION FISHER, S.W. The quieting / Suzanne Woods Fisher.
FICTION FOYE, M. Meternity / Meghann Foye.
FICTION FRANKS, J. Over the plain houses / Julia Franks.
FICTION HAIGH, J. Heat and light / Jennifer Haigh.
FICTION HANNAH, J. The A to Z of you and me / James Hannah.
FICTION HARRIS, C. Night shift / Charlaine Harris.
FICTION HART, J. Redemption road / John Hart.
FICTION HASLETT, A. Imagine me gone / Adam Haslett.
FICTION HELLENGA, R. The truth about death : and other stories / by Robert Hellenga.
FICTION HIPPS, J.B. The adventurist / J. Bradford Hipps.
FICTION INSTALL, D. A robot in the garden / Deborah Install.
FICTION JONES, B. The Alaskan laundry / Brendan Jones.
FICTION KADREY, R. The everything box / Richard Kadrey.
FICTION KAUFFMAN, D. Starfish moon / Donna Kauffman.
FICTION LAURENS, S. A buccaneer at heart / Stephanie Laurens.
FICTION MABERRY, J. Kill switch / Jonathan Maberry.
FICTION MACDONALD, P. Don't believe a word / Patricia MacDonald.
FICTION MALLERY, S. Best of my love / Susan Mallery.
FICTION MOGELSON, L. These heroic, happy dead / Luke Mogelson.
FICTION NAPPA, M. Annabel Lee : a Coffey & Hill novel / Mike Nappa.
FICTION NDIAYE, M. Ladivine / Marie Ndiaye
FICTION OATES, J.C. The doll-master and other tales of terror / Joyce Carol Oates.
FICTION O'NAN. S. City of secrets / Stewart O'Nan.
FICTION PATRICK, P. The curious charms of Arthur Pepper / Phaedra Patrick.
FICTION PATTERSON, J. 15th affair / James Patterson and Maxine Paetro.
FICTION PUTNEY, M.J. Once a soldier / Mary Jo Putney.
FICTION RICHARDSON, K.M. God pretty in the tobacco field / Kim Michele Richardson.
FICTION RUSSO, R. Everybody's fool / Richard Russo.
FICTION SANDFORD, J. Extreme prey / John Sandford.
FICTION SANTIAGO, N. Killer dolls / Nisa Santiago.
FICTION SMAILL, A. The chimes / Anna Smaill.
FICTION SPILLANE, M. The big showdown : a Caleb York western / Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins.
FICTION STEEL, D. The apartment / Danielle Steel.
FICTION SWIFT, G. Mothering Sunday : a romance / Graham Swift.
FICTION VAN BOOY, S. Father's day / Simon Van Booy.
FICTION WHITE, B. The magnolia duchess : a novel / Beth White.
FICTION WILDE, L. Love of the Game / Lori Wilde
FICTION WINTER, A.S. Barren Cove / by Ariel S. Winter.
GRAPHIC NOVEL BIOGRAPHY JOYCE, J. James Joyce : portrait of a Dubliner, a graphic biography / Alfonso Zapico.
GRAPHIC NOVEL MIND Mind MGMT. Volume five, The eraser / Matt Kindt
GRAPHIC NOVEL MIND Mind MGMT. The Futurist Volume two, The futurist / Matt Kindt
GRAPHIC NOVEL MIND Mind MGMT. Volume six, The immortals / Matt Kindt
GRAPHIC NOVEL WONDER WOMAN Wonder Woman, earth one. Volume 1 / Grant Morrison
LARGE TYPE FICTION HAIGH, J. Heat and light / Jennifer Haigh ; illustrations by Jim Tierney.
LARGE TYPE FICTION PAGE, K.H. The body in the wardrobe / Katherine Hall Page.
LARGE TYPE FICTION PATTERSON, J. The Christmas wedding / James Patterson and Richard DiLallo.
LARGE TYPE FICTION STEEL, D. The apartment / Danielle Steel.
LARGE TYPE FICTION WOODS, S. Naked greed : a Stone Barrington novel / Stuart Woods.
LARGE TYPE FICTION YANCEY R. The 5th wave / Rick Yancey.
MYSTERY ALLAN, B. Antiques fate / Barbara Allan.
MYSTERY ALLIN, L. The woman who did / Lou Allin.
Mystery ATKINS, A. Robert B. Parker's slow burn : a Spenser novel / Ace Atkins.
MYSTERY AXELROD, S. Nantucket grand / Steven Axelrod.
MYSTERY BLACK, L. That darkness / Lisa Black.
MYSTERY HARRIS, S. All murders final! / Sherry Harris.
MYSTERY LEHANE, C. Murder at the 42nd Street library : a mystery / Con Lehane.
MYSTERY MACBRIDE, S. In the cold dark ground / Stuart MacBride.
MYSTERY PAGE, K.H. The body in the wardrobe / Katherine Hall Page.
MYSTERY QUARTEY, K. Gold of our fathers / Kwei Quartey.
MYSTERY TESH, J. Evil turns / Jane Tesh.
SF/F ERIKSON, S. Fall of light / Steven Erikson.
SF/F JACKA, B. Burned / Benedict Jacka.
TEEN FICTION ALEXANDER, S. The art of not breathing / Sarah Alexander.
TEEN FICTION ARMSTRONG, K. Forest of ruin / Kelley Armstrong.
TEEN FICTION CASS, K. The crown / Kiera Cass
TEEN FICTION COSIMANO, E. Holding Smoke / Elle Cosimano.
TEEN FICTION FRIEDMAN, A. Two summers / Aimee Friedman.
TEEN FICTION GRIFFITH, V. Those we fear / Victoria Griffith.
TEEN FICTION MCKENZIE, P. The Haunting of Sunshine Girl / Paige McKenzie
TEEN FICTION MCLACHLAN, J. Love bomb / Jenny McLachlan.
TEEN FICTION MCNEAL, L. The incident on the bridge / Laura McNeal.
TEEN FICTION QUINN, K.K. Down with the shine / Kate Karyus Quinn.
TEEN FICTION REED, J. Keep me in mind / Jaime Reed.
TEEN FICTION REEVE, P. Railhead / Philip Reeve.
TEEN FICTION SANDERSON, B. Calamity / Brandon Sanderson.
TEEN FICTION SCHNEIDER, E.L. Summer of Sloane / Erin L. Schneider.
TEEN FICTION SCHREFER, E. Rescued / Eliot Schrefer.
TEEN FICTION STIEFVATER, M. The Raven King / Maggie Stiefvater.
TEEN FICTION STROHM, S.K. The taming of the Drew / Stephanie Kate Strohm.
TEEN FICTION THOMAS, R. Kingdom of ashes / Rhiannon Thomas.
TEEN FICTION VIVIAN, S. The last boy and girl in the world / Siobhan Vivian.
TEEN FICTION WATKINS, S. Great Falls / Steve Watkins.
TEEN FICTION YOUNG, S. The Epidemic / by Suzanne Young.