New Fiction


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SF/F ABERCROMBIE, J. Abercrombie, Joe. Half the world 
Fiction ACKERMAN, E. Ackerman, Elliot, Green on blue 
Fiction ALBERT, E. Albert, Elisa, After birth 
Fiction ALEXANDRA, B. Alexandra, Belinda, White gardenia 
Fiction ARCHER, J. Archer, Jeffrey, Mightier than the sword 
Mystery BARBIERI, M. Barbieri, Maggie, Lies that bind 
Fiction BECKERMAN, H. Beckerman, Hannah. The Dead Wife's handbook 
Mystery BEFELER, M. Befeler, Mike. Mystery of the dinner playhouse 
Fiction BRANDT, H. Brandt, Harry, The Whites 
Fiction BROWNLEY, M. Brownley, Margaret, Petticoat detective 
Fiction BURKE, S. Burke, Shannon. Into the Savage Country 
Fiction CAHILL, E. Cahill, Ellie. When Joss met Matt 
Fiction CARR, R. Carr, Robyn One wish
Fiction CHIOFALO, R. Chiofalo, Rosanna, Stella mia 
Teen Fiction DAYTON, A. Dayton, Arwen Seeker
SF/F DICKSON, A.M. Dickson, Allison, M., The last supper 
Fiction DOTEN, M. Doten, Mark. The infernal 
SF/F ELLIOTT, K. Elliott, Kate, The very best of Kate Elliott.
Fiction FARNSWORTH, L.W. Farnsworth, Lauren Winder, Keeping Kate 
Fiction FILIPACCHI, A. Filipacchi, Amanda, The unfortunate importance of beauty 
Mystery FLUKE, J. Fluke, Joanne, Double fudge brownie murder 
Fiction GRADY, J. Grady, James, Last days of the condor 
Fiction HANKINS, J. Hankins, James Shady cross 
Fiction HERRON, M. Herron, Mick. Nobody walks 
Teen Fiction HOLMES, K. Holmes, Kathryn, The distance between lost and found 
Mystery JANEWAY, J. Janeway, Judith, The magician's daughter 
Fiction JOHNSON, T.G. Johnson, T. Geronimo Welcome to Braggsville 
Mystery JONES, M.B. Jones, Merry Bloch, In the woods 
Mystery KAABERBOL, L. Kaaberbøl, Lene Kaaberbøl, Lene
Teen Fiction KANTOR, M. Kantor, Melissa, Better than perfect 
Fiction KARLSSON, J. Karlsson, Jonas, The room 
Fiction KEGAN, S. Kegan, Stephanie. Golden State 
Mystery KELLY, J. Kelly, Jim, At death's window 
Fiction KENEALLY, T. Keneally, Thomas, Shame and the captives 
Mystery KING, L.R. King, Laurie R. Dreaming spies 
Fiction KLABER, W. Klaber, William, The rebellion of Miss Lucy Ann Lobdell 
Fiction LECRAW, H. LeCraw, Holly, The half brother 
Fiction LETHEM, J. Lethem, Jonathan, Lucky Alan 
Fiction LONDON, J. London, Julia, The perfect homecoming 
Fiction LOVELY, L. Lovely, Lutishia. The perfect deception 
Fiction MALLERY, S. Mallery, Susan, The girls of Mischief Bay 
SF/F MANIERI, E. Manieri, Evie Fortune's Blight
Fiction MANSELL, J. Mansell, Jill, The unexpected consequences of love 
Fiction McCARTHY, T. McCarthy, Tom, Satin Island 
Fiction NORTH, C. North, Claire, Touch 
Fiction PANCAKE, A. Pancake, Ann. Me and my daddy listen to Bob Marley 
Fiction PATAKI, A. Pataki, Allison, The accidental empress 
Mystery SANSOM, C.J. Sansom, C. J., Lamentation 
Fiction STEEL, D. Steel, Danielle. Prodigal son 
Fiction SUMELL, M. Sumell, Matt, Making nice 
Fiction TAYLOR, A. Taylor, Alex. The marble orchard 
Fiction TEDROWE, E.G. Tedrowe, Emily Gray, Blue stars 
Fiction VAN DEN BERG, L. Van den Berg, Laura, Find me 
Fiction WARREN, S.M. Warren, Susan May Always on my mind
Teen Fiction WEST, C.A. West, Carly Anne. The bargaining 
Mystery ZELLERBACH, M. Zellerbach, Merla, 21 Huntington Court