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Amanda K.

Find love, face loss, and discover life with these realistic teen titles.

Dawn G.

March means spring, and as I look at all the blooming gardens, I think of romance.

Erin L.

I'm checking out some dystopian novels, not something I normally read. Too scary!

Lauren C.

My Favorite book of the month was A Dog's Purpose

Tom B.

This month's top 3:  WrestleMania 33, Power Rangers the Movie, and my birthday!

Kelly K.

Now that the kids are on Spring Break, I'd love to share my favorite family films! 

Mieko L.

I'm sinking my teeth into satisfying suspense novels.

Shannon G.

March is Women's History Month, time for books featuring awesome women.

Sharon H.

The three things you need for February, food, hunks and a good romance novel.

Suzy M.

My reading includes historical family dramas during WWII.

Sue O.

I'm improving my knitting skills using Craftsy classes and YouTube.