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Amanda K.

Historical fiction is my go-to genre to escape and learn a little at the same time!

Dawn G.

In August I will be watching, and reading about food, also cooking it and eating it!

Erin L.

I can't wait for the new Captain Marvel movie! 

Karen B.

Currently catching up on graphic novels for summer reading.

Kelly K.

I'm indulging in summer YA romances!

Lauren C.

This month, I have something for everyone! 

Shannon G.

I enjoy educational but entertaining nonfiction.

Sharon H.

I love raw honey on vanilla ice cream; summertime in a bowl!

Sue O.

I'm working my way through a stack of cozy mysteries this month.

Suzy M.

Summertime means getting my hands dirty in the garden.

Tom B.

I'm featuring my favorite 'Manga' comics from Japan!