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Cancer Detecting Goggles

Advancements in medical technology continue as the latest instrument used in surgery are goggles that are able to detect cancer cells. Still in the trial phase, Washington University doctors created a set of goggles that are able to detect cancer cells with the use of dye. By injecting a patient with dye, the goggles allow a doctor to be able to distinguish between cancer cells which through the goggles light up due to the dye, and healthy tissue. This technology has the ability to save many lives of patients because the goggles can show a doctor how far the cancer has progressed.

3-D Osteoid Medical Cast

For anyone who has broken a bone, you understand how uncomfortable and inconvenient wearing a cast may be. Now with 3D printing a Turkish designer named Deniz Karasahin has created the “Osteoid Medical Cast”. Unlike the plaster casts, the Osteoid Medical Cast has ventilation holes that help with the weight, itchiness, and smell. The holes are also for a low- intensity ultrasound machince to be connected to the cast to aid in healing.

NBC Sports Live Extra App

If you are a huge sports fan and want to keep up to date with all the games and breaking news, there is an app for you: NBC Sports Live Extra. This free app is available to download on all Apple devices. Live Extra offers many features that keep you informed with all the day's sporting events that are aired on NBC and NBCSN. It gives you live updates on scores and highlights from the NFL to the NHL. If you miss a game, you can catch up with highlights or sometimes even catch a full replay.


If you want to learn another language for free, there is an amazing app called Duolingo. Rated as Apple’s iPhone App of 2013, it allows users to learn another language by a variety of lessons that incorporate vocabulary and dictation. The languages available are Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian. There is also American English available for Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Turkish, and Hungarian speakers.

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