Strategic Plan

All objectives were completed by the end of 2014. Recent news:

Building Renovation

Construction dust has settled! Come on in and we'll give you a tour of the enhancements.

Media Lab: Now Open!

Check out the area made especially for photo editing, music recording, and video creation.

Early Literacy for Kids

Storytimes are back. Bin shelves are in place for easy browsing. Mouse Cafe is ready for imaginative play.

Strategy I: Maintain focus on books and reading


  • Add new resources, such as eBooks, to traditional formats
  • Promote collection use by continuing removal of unneeded materials
  • Enhance technology assistance, readers' advisory, and reference help

Strategy II: Support early literacy


  • Install bin shelving for picture books
  • Construct activity areas
  • Incorporate early literacy emphasis into programs

Strategy III: Develop services based on community needs


  • Complete eBook survey and and adjust eBooks strategy
  • Introduce expanded technology training
  • Establish regular program of listening to the community and evaluating services

Strategy IV: Embrace technological change


  • Acquire and install RFID-based self-service checkout system and Automated Materials Handling system
  • Improve children's access to the Internet and other technology
  • Rebuild the library's website and enhance online presence

Strategy V: Make the library an attractive destination


  • Update seating, meeting spaces, and display of materials
  • Construct a media lab, computer help desk, enhanced teen space, and a single Adult Services Department

Strategy VI: Establish a community presence


  • Establish mutually useful community partnerships

Strategy VII: Increase organizational effectiveness


  • Install revised management structure
  • Review policies and systems
  • Sustain continuous improvement