Strategic Plan

Objectives will be completed by the end of 2014. Recent news:

Digital Media Lab

We now have an area made especially for photo editing, music recording, and video creation.

Strategy I: Maintain focus on books and reading


  • Add new resources, such as eBooks, to traditional formats
  • Promote collection use by continuing removal of unneeded materials
  • Enhance technology assistance, readers' advisory, and reference help

Strategy II: Support early literacy


  • Install bin shelving for picture books
  • Construct activity areas
  • Incorporate early literacy emphasis into programs

Strategy III: Develop services based on community needs


  • Complete eBook survey and and adjust eBooks strategy
  • Introduce expanded technology training
  • Establish regular program of listening to the community and evaluating services

Strategy IV: Embrace technological change


  • Acquire and install RFID-based self-service checkout system and Automated Materials Handling system
  • Improve children's access to the Internet and other technology
  • Rebuild the library's website and enhance online presence

Strategy V: Make the library an attractive destination


  • Update seating, meeting spaces, and display of materials
  • Construct a media lab, computer help desk, enhanced teen space, and a single Adult Services Department

Strategy VI: Establish a community presence


  • Establish mutually useful community partnerships

Strategy VII: Increase organizational effectiveness


  • Install revised management structure
  • Review policies and systems
  • Sustain continuous improvement